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Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte is a building of the thirteenth century, built by Emperor Frederick II in Apulia, in the homonymous hamlet of the town of Andria, 18 km from the city, near the town of Santa Maria del Monte, in the province of Barletta- Andria-Trani. It is situated on a hill of the Western Murgia, at 540 m s.l.m. It has been included in the list of national monuments in 1936. The origin of the building is placed officially January 29, 1240, when Frederick II Hohenstaufen ordered by Riccardo Montefuscolo, Justiciar of captains, who prepared materials and everything needed to build a castle at the Santa Maria del Monte church (now lost). This date, however, is not accepted by all scholars: according to some, in fact, the construction of the castle on that date had already reached the cover.


Unclear is also the attribution to a specific architecture: some relate the work to Riccardo da Lentini but many argue that, to design the building was the same Frederick II. It seems that it was built on the ruins of an earlier fortress before the Lombard and then Norman. Probably when Frederick II died (which took place in 1250), the building was not yet finished. In 1996 UNESCO included it in the list of World Heritage Sites by the astronomical and mathematical rigor of its forms and the harmonious union of cultural elements, from northern Europe, and the Islamic world of classical antiquity, a typical example of military architecture of the Middle Ages. The building is octagonal (outer side: 10.30 m interval between the towers, of each tower diameter: 7.90 m) and each edge joins an octagonal tower in turn (side 2.70 m), while the octagon, which corresponds to the inner courtyard, has sides whose size varies between 6.89 m and 7.83 m. The diameter of the inner courtyard is of 17,86 m. The towers are 24 m and slightly exceed the height of the walls of the inner courtyard (20.50 m).