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Castello Normanno Svevo

Castello Normanno Svevo

The Norman-Swabian Castle of Bari (also known as u Castídde in Bari), symbol of Bari city, is an imposing fortress that stands on the edge of the old town. Relics dating back to the Roman-Greek led the panel to renew the existence of the fortress of Bari already to ancient times. On the other hand in the Satires (I, 5, 96-97) and in the Annals of Tacit (XVI, 2, 7-9) mentions the existence, in the ancient Barium, a fortified place whose location could coincide with a part of the present castle, or, more likely, with the Byzantine kastron (Court of Catapano-Basilica of St. Nicholas). The medieval fortification probably dates back to 1132.


Today, the castle is surrounded by the ancient moat, which runs along three sides, except for the northern strip, once washed by the sea; beyond the moat there is a ring of defense, Aragonese period, which has large corner bastions spear. The castle is accessed from the south side, crossing the bridge over the moat and entering the courtyard between the sixteenth-century ramparts and keep of the Swabian. Everything can be recognized in the evening, thanks to the new lighting installation art, designed by Antonio Vernole, and opened in September 2008. The new lighting is used to distinguish the ramparts of the castle itself.