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Grotte di Castellana

Grotte di Castellana

The Castella caves are a complex of underground cavity of Speleological and tourist interest, located in the municipality di Castellana, in the Murgia, at 1800 meters from the village. The Castellana caves open in South Eastern Murge to 330 m s.l.m. limestone plateau formed in the late Cretaceous period about 90-100 million years ago. The Castellana territory is characterized by limestone rocks composed essentially of calcium carbonate; in particular the limestone, present in our area, are called by the name of Limestone Altamura. The underground caverns extend for a length of about 3 km. The natural entrance is represented by a huge sixty meters deep chasm, called the Grave. from here you can reach the White Cave.


All concretions formed by stalactites and stalagmites and galleries, intercalated by the opening of a sudden cave. The visit to the public winds along a scenario for about 1 km. The longer route, takes two hours and runs for 3 km, between caves and abysses which were given names mythological or fantastic. From the Grave to the Black Cave or the Lupa Capitolina, after passing the Cavernone of Monuments, passed the Owl Cave, crossed the Snake corridor, the Cave of the Precipice and Piccolo Paradiso, scroll to the long corridor desert also known as the Grand Canyon underground (a reddish color due to the presence in this part of the iron ore) which reach the Cave of the Tower of Pisa, the clear pond water dripping, the Red Corridor, the Cave of the Dome and finally passing from shimmering Lake of Crystals, we reach the radiant and glowing Grotta Bianca cavity.